To set out for me I called you first, welcome to my new website. My name is Martin Oosterwijk and the light I saw for the first time on August 8, 1958, where I was born in Reeuwijk. It is a small town next to the “famous” cheese town of Gouda, where I still live.

At my young age in elementary school, I soon noticed that in addition to learning much more fun things were to “enriching.” Your Life Partly because I was not so much concerned with learning in my school years, but my intentions were more in the search for other ways that could pleasure or sweeten my life. The mission of salvation I sought also common (besides learning) in the creative, cultural, or sporting field.

Leading were taking my first inspirations: football (Ajax and Johan Cruyff) Music (Woodstock, Santana) and writing (poetry and twists in the style of Simon Carmmigelt). Later I searched the lake in painting (Cobra style) and photography. And so I hopped as free “creative” from one hobby to another in order thereby to remain fascinated by the all the beauty of our life with culture has to offer.

A small compilation of that whole, you will find therefore on this website. I hope it might be for you an “inspiration” or incentive may be to want to start something creative or new. This in any form whatsoever. I would, therefore, say to you: seize the day and go to work! Life takes – as Remco Campert once described – but once a man long. And that life may unfortunately for some too short.